Laughter Yoga

Stressed out or just wanting more laughter and joy
in your life

Monthly Laughter Yoga Session at Wessex Cancer Trust in Salisbury
11.00-12.30 on the 1st Monday of the month
(£4, half of it will be donated to Wessex Cancer Trust)

Laughter is a highly effective form of aerobic exercise, providing internal jogging, thus stimulating the circulation and respiration. Laughing brings spontaneity, fun and creativity and brings us to the present moment. Laughter bypasses the thinking left part of our brain and taps into our right brain and our creativity.

Laughter needs not be dependent on the use of comedy or jokes or your mood. Laughter can occur spontaneously, without a sense of humour, if you let it happen. You don't need any specific ability or skill, just a willingness to laugh. Anyone can laugh - it's easy. But are you getting enough of it ?

Rediscover the art of laughing for no reason with Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a complete workout, combining deep breathing exercises from yoga and laughter exercises to increase the amount of oxygen in your body. It encourages playfulness and rekindle that sense of freedom and childlike attitude to life. It helps you to
experience physical, emotional and mental wellbeing wherever you are and whatever your circumstances.

Did you know that children laugh about 200 times a day whilst adults around 12-15?

Have a look at the following videos about Laughter Yoga:
Laughter Yoga sweeping the world
Laughter Yoga for patients

History of a Laughing Success

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea, simple but profound, developed by Dr Madan Kataria, a medical doctor from India, whereby you can learn to laugh for no reason.The simple technique of Laughter Yoga was introduced to help people manage the stress of life in Mumbai in 1005. It started with just five participants. It has proved so popular that it spread, first all round India and now across the globe to over 100 countries It has now become a world wide phenomenon, where people meet regularly for laughter exercises where 'fake it till you make it" has become the motto.

It was discovered that the body experiences the same benefits whether laughter is genuine or whether laughing is used as an exercise. You don’t need any specific ability or skill to succeed in Laughter Yoga, just a willingness to laugh. Research has shown that practising laughter Yoga or continuous laughter for 15 minutes a day will impact deeply into the way you cope and manage your mood and your performance.

Among the many health benefits:
  • increase of endorphins (the happy Hormones)
  • reduction of cortisol stress hormones
  • oxygen increase to your body and brain,
  • change the quality of your life and work for the better

Laugh more - Enjoy your life more


One-to-One Laughter Yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home

Private Laughter Yoga clubs

Set up your own laughter yoga group for yourself and friends
  • Laughing is enjoyable and a social activity
  • laughter is infectious.
  • laughter bonds people together
Corporate sessions
Laughter yoga is of huge benefit in the work place:
  • Happy people handle stress better.
  • Happy people are more productive.
  • People who can laugh together can work together. Sharing laughter helps build rapport
  • and better communication between team members. The social bonding created helps
  • boost morale and improve listening skills and trust.

Have Laughter Yoga as part of that special birthday party or event.

Special events as part of community projects and support groups. Set up your own club for your special interest group. It is particularly relevant to any group of people with health or physical difficulties.

Laughter Clubs for charity are free event as part of the Laughter Yoga community development around the world. They enable people to come together and share the experience of laughter and raise money for a particular charity. The sessions generally last for one hour. To run a fundraising event, please enquire.

For all of the above, please call Marie-Ange on 07804 041 005.

Marie-Ange's profile

Marie-Ange Gonzalez, CLYL, CLYT is a Dru Yoga teacher and a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher. Her teaching experience includes teaching to groups and on a one-to-one basis and organising seminars on meditation, yoga, pranayama and self-help techniques.

Some research evidence

Researchers at Linda Loma Medical Centre, Indiana State University and the National Cancer Centre in California found that the immune system is boosted by up to an amazing 40% after laughter.

Research Scientists at the University of Maryland in Baltimore found that when the subjects laughed, the blood flow increased through their body by 22%. As we laugh the blood vessels in our body expand increasing blood flow and improving the circulatory system.
Ring Marie-Ange to discuss classes or an introductory home personal session on
01722 743 109 or 07804 041 005.
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Marie-Ange Gonzalez, MA, MAR., CNM (Nat.), (Acup.), DPN (Y), CLYL, CLYT
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