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Holistic Practitioner
I started my career as a Holistic Practitioner in 1991 after qualifying as a Reflexologist. Since then, I have completed post-graduate specialist courses in Reflexology and can now offer Reflexology for Pregnancy and Fertility, Hand Reflexology, and Facial Reflexology. I have treated several patients with fertility issues as well as during and post pregnancy. I trained in Therapeutic as well as Remedial and Sports Massage in 1998 and 2005. I also studied Indian Head Massage under Narendra Mehta in 1995.
My research in non-conventional gentle techniques led me to train in healing techniques, more specifically in Reiki. I have been offering courses in Reiki since 1997.
I have been a Teacher of the Alexander Technique (STAT qualified) since 1994. I took part in the ATEAM trials funded by the NHS. The study published in the British Medical Journal in 2008 showed the long term benefits patients with chronic and recurrent lower back pain derived from having a series of 6 Alexander lessons. I have developed some expertise in helping pupils with chronic pain  with the Alexander Technique. Because more patients were displaying muscular stiffness and pain due to their computer-based jobs and sedentary lifestyle, I started to look at movement methods that could easily be taught and safely practiced at home. This led me to complete a teacher diploma in Dru Yoga in 2013. I have found Dru Yoga to be invaluable in promoting stability, strength suppleness and mobility in people of all ages and abilities. I now offer Dru Yoga advice and stretches as and when required during my treatments. I also run Weekly Group Meditation and Dru Yoga Classes as well as Back Care Management with Dru Yoga Group Classes.

18 years’ experience of healing service to balance your body and mind.

Throughout my years of practice I have trained in other disciplines such as Naturopathy (2003) with a Specialism in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. I use my knowledge of naturopathy as well as Chinese pulse diagnosis to help determine the causes of my patients’ health imbalances and difficulties. I also offer Body and Ear Acupuncture as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other modalities.My personal research into the mind body connection brought her to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) and Access Bars. I have learnt meditation from different masters and traditions.
I have beena certified Laughter Yoga Leader and teacher since 2013. She works from her clinic in Neal’s Yard Remedies in Salisbury as well as from her home in Wilton. Home visits are available in Wilton, Salisbury, Downton and Ringwood.


"Marie-Ange has helped me to understand the powerful relationship between mind and body. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. After her treatment I always feel that I have made progress and I am calm and re-energised.” M.C ‚Ě®Salisbury) Marie-Ange has treated me over the past thirty years for a bad back initially and more recently for arthritis.

 I have practised the Alexander technique with her for my back to great effect, and acupuncture combined with massage have improved my arthritis considerably. I have always had such faith in Marie-Ange and I always find her extremely professional. R.D. (Wilton) "Alexander Technique and massage with Marie-Ange Gonzalez continues to improve my awareness, focus and productivity in many wonderful ways. Her healing touch, knowledge, perception and guidance promote health and wellbeing and help restore a sense of balance, rhythm, play and creativity." JS, Winchester
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Marie-Ange Gonzalez, MA, MAR., CNM (Nat.), (Acup.), DPN (Y), CLYL, CLYT
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