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Reiki the Life Energy that puts you in touch with your true self

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “universal life force energy”. It refers to the vital force that creates, nurtures, sustains and transforms everything in existence. It is channelled through an ancient art of healing, involving the laying-on of hands, rediscovered by Dr Micao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk and scholar.

All illness and disease is a result of the natural flow of the life force being impaired and disrupted. A person’s life force can be affected by negative thoughts and emotions, causing disharmony and imbalances until finally health can no longer be maintained.

 healing workout for overall health

Reiki, the healing workout that promotes happiness and overall health

As a Reiki practitioner, I channel the life energy through my hands, activating and accelerating your natural ability to heal. It is a transfer of unconditional love, and can be given & received, regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs. The more relaxed and open you are to receiving Reiki, the more you’ll allow Reiki to work on a deep cellular and energetic level. Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki helps facilitate the release of blocked energies, cleanse your body of toxins. Depending on the level of your disability or imbalance, the energy within you rises to become self-supporting and your physical, mental and emotional symptoms lessen.

 As there is no pressure, Reiki is ideal for the very young or weak, the elderly, pregnant women and patients recovering from surgery and cancer treatments. People suffering from M.E and fibromyalgia or chronic and disabling complaints can greatly benefit from receiving Reiki as it is gentle and non-demanding. Reiki is a treatment in its own right but can complement and enhance the results of medication and medical treatments, acting to reduce negative side effects. It can safely support any other orthodox or complementary treatments. But you don’t have to be ill to benefit from Reiki either. Reiki can also be given by distance healing.

Reiki is a powerful transformational tool that can also benefit stress management programmes

The Reiki Treatment

During the treatment, you do not need to remove any clothing. You will be lying down, unless you prefer sitting down. I gently place my hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body. A Reiki session lasts up to an hour with each position held for several minutes. Neither you nor I need to make any effort of will or concentration during the process. People experience Reiki in different ways. You may feel heat, tingling, cold or very little at all. You may feel a deep sense of peace, inner calm and relaxation.

After the treatment, it is not unusual for people to feel a greater sense of balance and clarity and a lifting of their mood. Reiki reinforces your ability to make the necessary changes in attitude and lifestyle to promote a happier and healthier life.

Effects and Benefits of Reiki

Reiki may help :
  • reduce pain, tension and stress
  • increase your energy levels and creativity
  • restore and maintain health and harmony on all levels
  • shorten the healing time after injuries and operations
  • increase mental clarity and focus
  • increase your self esteem and awareness
  • renew your own sense of purpose
Benefits of Reiki
Receiving and giving Reiki remind us that we are all part of a wonderful, vibrating universe & that we are both unique & connected as one. Reiki is healing energy in the truest sense.

Ear Candling the non-invasive modality to help soothe ears, nose and throat

 non-invasive modality
Ear Candling (also referred to as Thermal Auricular Therapy) is a beneficial and extremely relaxing treatment that can help many ear, nose and throat problems, including glue ear and some form of tinnitus. Many of my clients come because of an existing problem such as poor hearing or migraine headaches. It is however a useful way to give your system a boost particularly in the autumn and winter when there is a change of weather and lots of colds going round.
The reason for the production of wax
The excretion of wax is the body’s natural process of cleansing and protecting the ear. Any object or particle entering the ear is perceived as a foreign object so the Image for ear candling Image for Reiki body is stimulated to produce more wax in order to protect the inner ear from that foreign object. Dust, sand, the use of hearing aids, ear plugs or of personal stereo
with small ear phones will contribute to the production of wax. Was can also produced when there is Wax is a natural water repellent and will be produced as a way of protecting the ear from a “dampness or fluid attack” from the outside (wet weather conditions) or from the inside when cold symptoms from the nose or the throat (catarrh, phlegm, acute sinusitis or rhinitis) are present or when histamine is being released by the body as a response to an allergic reaction. When we are
under stress or when we grow older, our circulation and lymphatic systems become less efficient; our bodies have difficulties processing, metabolising and eliminating waste products. This could cause a wax built up which, if left untreated, can cause a feeling of deafness, blocked ears, a sense of muffledness or water in the ears. This could also give rise to headaches, sinus and head congestion as the lack of circulation prevents drainage and elimination.

The treatment
After taking a case history about your ears, nose, head and throat symptoms, I use an otoscope to look into your ears. This enables me to check whether there is any state of inflammation, swelling or infection in your ears, and, if your eardrum is
visible, whether it is damaged in any way. Treatment is not advised if grommets are in place or in case of recent perforation of the ear drum. If there is no contra-indications to the treatment, I will ask you to lie down on your side in a comfortable position and we’ll proceed with the treatment. If you are not able to lie down, the treatment can be carried out when you aresemi reclined on a bed or sitting on a chair. I will light the end of one of the candles and gently place the other end in the entrance to your ear. I will be holding the ear candle firmly in place throughout the process until the candle is burnt down to the safety line marking. I will then carefully remove the remainder of the candle from your ear and extinguish it. If your hearing is within normal range, you will hear the pleasant crackling and hissing of the flame. The treatment is so relaxing that you may fall asleep.The burning of the candle will take 10 to 12 minutes on each ear. If a second treatment is required, I will check the inside of your ears and proceed with the treatment if appropriate. I will combine ear candling with a light face and
neck massage. I will work gently on acupuncture points on the sinus, brow and lymphatic areas to further encourage blood flow, and lymphatic drainage. In the case of chronic conditions, I may advise you on certain simple self-help techniques
you can do at home to reduce the impact of the chronic symptoms on your health and wellbeing.

The effect of the treatment
Overall, the aim of the treatment it to help soothe irritation and inflammation, stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the lymphatic system.The vibration of the rising air column through the natural movement of the flame gently massages the
eardrum. The application of the ear candles is just the beginning of a process giving your ears and lymph system a boost and encouraging it to function properly and cleanse itself, thus boosting your immune system. The treatment is helpful for earache, headaches and stress generally. The physical effect is often described directly after the treatment as a soothing pressure and a pain relieving sensation in the ear and the head area.

Ear Candling may be helpful with:
  • reducing the build up of wax or keeping it at bay
  • some forms of tinnitus
  • compacted ear wax including glue ear
  • sore throats, catarrh
  • hay fever, and other airborne allergies
  • migraine headaches
  • rhinitis, sinusitis
Treat yourself to this intensively relaxing and pampering experience.


I certainly emerged from my treatment feeling relaxed, refreshed and at least a little bit more prepared to face the winter. S. C (Southampton)
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